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Travel Insights for Winter 2021

2022 Travel Prepares for Takeoff, While Consumers Proceed Cautiously With 2021 Holiday Plans

Zeta Marketing Platform Achieves Record Activity During Thanksgiving Week

During Thanksgiving Week, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) delivered record activity, reaching 74% of the US adult population and over 1 billion global consumers with 100% uptime, as brands invest in digital omnichannel experiences and consolidate investment on the ZMP  Retailers are facing many unprecedented challenges this year. With the global supply chain, a labor shortage, and a desire to get […]

Zeta Live: 5 Key Themes Shaping the Future of Marketing

From NFTs to first-party data to the Metaverse and everything in between, these are some of the most engaging themes that marketers can’t afford to ignore from Zeta Live ’21.

Chasing Causal Holy Grails: Quantifying Advertising Success

Is your brand struggling to quantify your advertising campaign success? This historic statistical approach just might be the answer.

Unwrapping the Biggest Holiday Retail Trends of 2021

From early shopping events to shop-in-shops and everything in between…these are the holiday retail trends you can’t ignore this season.

Data-Driven Intelligence for Full-Funnel Marketing

In this blog, we’ll unpack how to better understand the nuances of the marketing funnel and how to best reach consumers at each stage.

Today’s Traveler: Marketing with Agility to a Moving Target (Brandweek Session Recap)

Learn how brands are successfully connecting with today’s consumer while planning for the expected travel resurgence in 2022 and beyond in Zeta’s recent Brandweek session.

What Is People-Based Search and How Does It Work?

Search is easily one of the top digital channels at driving higher conversion rates. Savvy marketers are always looking to leverage this medium to optimize their search campaigns. Google takes most of the guesswork out by providing recommendations using user data gathered from web activity. This is where Zeta Global steps in — bringing in […]

Health Insurance in the COVID Era

Here’s how consumers are trending as it relates to health insurance.

Back to Office Plans Will Power a Wave of Resignations

The evidence is clear—millions of American workers aren’t ready to return to the office, and they’re willing to say “so long” to their jobs if employer’s force their hand.

The Best Ways to Measure Marketing Results

Marketers are quick to defend the “why” of their marketing decisions, but less than 40% can successfully measure marketing effectiveness. It’s unknown whether this stems from a lack of knowledge of marketing analytics or a lack of resources. Nevertheless, measurement is a crucial component to driving business growth and should never be overlooked. To help […]

Zeta Unveils New Master Data Management Innovation, Eliminating Dependency on IT

All Zeta Marketing Platform and CDP customers will have access to Data Conductor, a low-code self-service feature to enhance control, speed, and flexibility over first-party data activation.

5 Tips for Back to School Marketing

Key advice from Zeta on how retail marketers can make the most of this back to school season.

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