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Travel Insights for Winter 2021

2022 Travel Prepares for Takeoff, While Consumers Proceed Cautiously With 2021 Holiday Plans

How Zeta Helped Sundance Overcome Inbox Placement Issues

eCommerce: Improving Inbox Placement to Send Sales Soaring

“Zeta’s leadership and guidance was really instrumental in helping us overcome the challenges we were experiencing with inbox placement.” —Jacob Young, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Sundance Catalog

Online Gambling: Boosting Conversions in Social and Programmatic by 65%

Increasing conversions while lowering costs in a highly competitive marketplace.

Telecom: Using Customer Data to Improve Service and Retention

Increasing inbound leads as well as customer satisfaction with better use of customer data.

eCommerce: Boosting ROAS by More Than 30%

See how Zeta made it easier for Samsung to reach in-market customers, thereby boosting ROAS

Automotive: Using Omnichannel to Increase Automotive Sales by 18%

See how Zeta helped Mitsubishi reach highly-motivated, in-market car-buyers no matter where they ventured online.

Automotive: Increasing Clicks and Maximizing Conversions

Helping one of the world’s most well-recognized automotive brands take their omnichannel engagement to the next level.

Consumer Packaged Goods: Re-Engaging With 100K Customers

Zeta Actions data base delivers powerful email validation capability identifying over 100,000 active emails for leading cereal and snack company’s re-engagement campaign.

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