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CDP Plus

Deliver Personalized Experiences At Scale

Marketing to consumers starts with knowing who they are, what they buy, and what they care about. Zeta CDP+ sits at the core of the Zeta Marketing Platform to provide marketers with more control over data so they can activate campaigns with greater speed and effectiveness.

The Benefits of Zeta CDP+

We put the plus in CDP+ for a reason.

Our goal is to partner with progressive marketers to:

Grow revenue • Build better customer experiences • Support digital transformation strategies with the added benefits of:

A single view
of the customer
Plus persistent (deterministic) ID management for prospects and customers
Plus speed and flexibility while integrating multiple sources of data
Plus advanced systems for normalization, hygiene and unification
Data Enrichment
Plus infused customer intent and behaviors
Standard Reporting
& Analytics
Plus more AI-generated insights
Plus complete freedom to syndicate data in real time

A single universe where customers and prospects are explained

Zeta's CDP+ delivers a single, actionable view of customers and prospects that includes up-to-the-minute identifiers and attributes. Enriched with intent-based scoring and top activities pulled from Zeta's Data Cloud, CDP+ makes it possible to ID anonymous website visitors and engage them across channels with meaningful, individualized experiences.

  • Data enrichment
  • Real-time scoring
  • Expansive identity graph

Accelerated low-code onboarding and implementation

A low-code visual interface provides marketers with transparency and control over data management. Connect any data source, manage any workflow, and configure any hygiene or enrichment rules as needed. CDP+ ingests all data with speed and scale, powered by an architecture that works with existing tech.

  • Low-code visual interface
  • Works with existing technology
  • Total data transparency and control

Identity rooted in strength and scale

CDP+ leans on an Identity Graph built on the permission-based identities of more than 220 million individuals in the United States. Minimal reliance on third-party cookies means CDP+ can deliver an integrated, persistent ID that is future-proofed for emerging ID spaces and channel experiences alike.

  • Persistent, future-proof ID
  • Little reliance on third-party cookies
  • +220M permission-based U.S. identities

Connections with Snowflake and BigQuery for real-time data sharing

Pre-built integrations with Snowflake and Google BiqQuery make on-demand data access fast. CDP+ eliminates the need for manual data restructuring and ongoing IT support, allowing marketers to implement and scale with speed. Segment audiences in real time by streaming directly from data warehouses for maximum efficiency.

  • Integration with Snowflake + more
  • Rapid, on-demand access to all data
  • No need for data restructuring or IT support

Personalized activation across channels and devices

Activate audiences and predictive insights within a privacy-first framework. Zeta's predictive AI is built into campaigns and experiences, allowing marketers to deploy personalized content based on real-time interests and signals. The result?—Marketers can reach consumers across channels with messaging that resonates and inspires engagement.

  • Privacy-first framework
  • Predictive AI in all campaigns
  • Personalize content using real-time interests

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