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Opportunity Explorer

Unique Market and Consumer Insights For Every Vertical, Every Customer

Make smarter, faster and more informed marketing decisions by uncovering unique trends from market, prospect and customer data in one place.
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Real Customer Results From the Opportunity Explorer


Increase in Email Open Rates
For A Global Retailer


Lift in Average Sales Per Card Holder for a Major Credit Card


Uptick in Card Utilization For A
Top-Tier Consumer Bank

Market Insights Through
Opportunity Explorer

A solution for brands and marketers looking to get a leg-up on the competition. Use MarketPulse™ to access real-time, industry-level data, and discover high-value, under-indexed market signals. Make it easier to evaluate industry-related content consumption patterns, and predict budget performance against an omnichannel media mix.

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Consumer Insights Through Opportunity Explorer

The time for true personalized engagement is now. Amplify your brand’s connection with consumers by examining their individual interests, habits, and behaviors under a microscope. Identify at-risk customers, intercept competitor shoppers, and start building precise customer lookalikes that are easy to activate across all channels.

Boost Marketing Outcomes
Across the Customer Lifecycle

Amplify Acquisition

Discover and engage consumers currently in-market for your products across all channels.

Reinvigorate Retention

Identify at-risk customers and intercept them with messaging that mitigates churn.

Up the Upsell

Understand the interest of consumers in real-time, elevate their experience, and drive more revenue to your business.

Supercharge Your Site

Deliver onsite personalized experiences tailored to individuals’ preferences and real-time interests.

Remind and Recapture

Remarket to cart abandoners across channels and recapture wandering revenue.

Activate Across Channels

Reach individuals across digital and offline channels with coordinated, omnichannel messaging.

Discover New Opportunities

Visualize and instantly act on market, audience, and customer-specific insights in real-time.

Discover New Opportunities

Visualize and instantly act on market, audience, and customer-specific insights in real-time.

“Zeta’s Opportunity Explorer identifies in-market individuals and their real-time interests so we can address and engage them across online and offline channels and make them customers.”

CMO, Telco
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