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Zeta Marketing Platform

Power Customer Growth

Combine consumer intent data, first-party data, and results-driven AI to power customer acquisition and retention.

Consumer expectations are always changing.

The Zeta Marketing Platform combines 2.4 billion unique data identities with industry-leading AI to create personalized, omnichannel experiences that exceed expectations and drive superior marketing results.

Data Cloud

Find the most monetizable touchpoints and optimize your omnichannel marketing by leveraging Zeta’s 2.4 billion consumer identities—including demographic, location, behavioral and transactional signals.

Customer Data Management

Enrich your CRM data, create a single, 360-degree view of consumers, and capture the power of Zeta’s integrated personalization engine.

Identity Management

Link every touchpoint through a single, real-time portal that makes omnichannel personalization with accuracy, flexibility, and scale possible.

Audience Creation and Segmentation

Create highly-targeted, custom audiences from Zeta’s vast curated data set to connect with current customers and discover new ones.

Intent and Engagement Scoring

Supercharge your customer profiles, predict intent, and inform real-time engagement with 2,500+ real-time demographic, location, behavioral, purchase and churn signals.

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Omnichannel Engagement

Zeta can predict intent and engagement across every channel allowing you to give consumers the personalized experience they’re looking for and drive better performance for your brand.


Enterprise volume, advanced sequencing, and continuous optimization make it possible to engage with current customers and acquire new ones simultaneously.


Zeta’s DSP uses unique inputs for forecasting, bidding and delivery for both reach and remarketing campaigns across Programmatic, Mobile and Connected TV (CTV).

Website Personalization

Use AI to score customers and visitors while delivering dynamic, personalized creative based on their expressed interests, maximizing conversions and paid media outcomes.


Deploy Zeta’s predictive segmentation to understand and convert the best audiences across all social channels.

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Insights & Analytics

Attribute lift, measure performance, and create actionable insights across the lifecycle by combining unique identity, intent, behavior and response signals.

Deterministic Measurement

Understand true incremental lift across all touchpoints, prevent media waste, and achieve better outcomes by utilizing Zeta’s unique identity data and real-time performance feedback.

Real-Time Customer Visualization

Understand how your customers behave and engage with your products and services across touchpoints in real-time.


Fully automated AI tunes Audience and message variables based on continuous, AB testing within your dynamic customer experience.

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