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Health Insurance in the COVID Era

Here’s how consumers are trending as it relates to health insurance.

Americans are growing more cognizant about the importance of quality health insurance in the COVID era.  A recent Zeta Pulse survey that polled hundreds of consumers, showed how people are approaching health insurance with more thoughtfulness.

Americans are more willing than ever before to invest in bundled healthcare plans (medical + dental + vision)—45% of Americans now possess a bundled insurance plan.

Having said that, cost of coverage still matters which is why 22% of Americans only possess a health insurance policy (no vision, no dental).

Premiums and deductible limits remain the #1 insurance concern. Insurers capable of lowering their monthly premiums while retaining robust coverage will be ideally positioned to capture market share.

The top factor consumers consider when picking health insurance in the COVID era?

  1. Premiums & deductibles (34%) 
  2. Plan & network coverage (23%)
  3. Co-pay (22%)
  4. Coverage of prescriptions (21%)

In terms of procuring insurance…

The greatest number of Americans (36%) purchase a plan by utilizing a federal or state marketplace.

The rest get their plan via:

  • Their employer (21%)
  • A health insurer directly (20%)
  • The Veterans Association (14%)
  • Programs for senior citizens (10%)

Of those who purchase their own private health insurance…

66% buy a policy from one of the six major brands:

  • 19% Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • 15% United Health Care 
  • 10% Humana
  • 9% Blue Shield
  • 8% Aetna
  • 6% Cigna

Looking at ethnicity and health insurance in the COVID era…

53% of Hispanic Americans possess bundled health insurance compared to 48% of Caucasians and 35% of Asian and African Americans. 

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