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Data + AI = Intent

Leveraging Zeta's high volume and high frequency proprietary data to create high value audiences.


We believe we have the largest opted-in consumer data set for omnichannel marketing. Our data set is an amalgamation of our private proprietary data, publicly available data and data provided by our partner ecosystem.

Our data set contains more than 220 million opted-in individuals in the U.S. and more than 535 million opted-in individuals globally with as many as 2,500 demographic and behavioral attributes per individual. On average, we ingest more than 1 trillion content consumption signals per month on a global basis and synthesize this information into hundreds of intent-based audiences, which can then be used to create marketing programs. All this data is managed through a proprietary database structure that has patented flexibility, speed and scalability.


We capture our opted-in data through a diversity of sources, such as our publisher network, which includes our market-leading commenting platform, Disqus. We are embedded on more than 6.2 million websites and more than 15 billion webpages.

Other data sources include:

  • Other owned and operated properties
  • Digital publishers / newsletters
  • Programmatic / DSP
  • Partnerships:
    • Offline data compilers
    • Credit bureaus
    • Financial institutions

We also use various tracking technologies, both proprietary and those provided through third-party suppliers in order to connect to individuals across marketing channels for the purpose of targeting consumers and delivering campaigns.


Our approach to people-based data is privacy-forward:

  • Unlike competitors, Zeta does not rely on selling or licensing its identified data to third parties as its strategy. Sharing is limited to inferred interest and intent and purchase intent data and other attributes relating to people already known to an advertiser.
  • ZMP customers utilize Zeta’s proprietary data without transferring their data to Zeta for their own use or obtaining data about previously unknown people from Zeta
  • Zeta obtains user opt-in, even where not required by law, for people-based data

Zeta has long taken a forward-looking approach to privacy compliance anticipating future legislative changes. Our core data assets are built around opted-in data obtained directly from data subjects, an approach that exceeds current U.S. legal requirements at the state or federal level and which are designed to comply with even more stringent laws that may be enacted in the future.

In addition:

  • The Zeta Privacy team operates a legal compliance program that includes the elements for effective compliance programs established by the US Sentencing Commission Guidelines.
  • The Zeta Privacy team continually monitors developing legislation, analyzes new laws and regulations, consults outside counsel when needed, and works with Zeta’s Product teams and business units to implement changes as necessary. Zeta also has a dedicated privacy office led by a Chief Privacy Officer with over 20 years of experience.

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